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Slides Presentations

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Saved by Ronaldo Lima Jr
on September 23, 2009 at 7:25:19 am

Slides Presentations

by Ronaldo Lima Jr


On this page you will find the slides I use for my courses. Feel free to use them online your to download their pdf version. More slides will be added soon.





- Introduction to Linguistics



- Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology



- Speech Organs





Segmental Features


- Consonants



- Brazilian Portuguese Speakers' Difficulties with Consonants



- Phonology and Morphology



- Single Vowels



- Diphthongs and Triphthongs



- Brazilian Portuguese Speakers' Difficulties with Vowels





Suprasegmental Features



- Stress



- Intonation



- More Aspects of Connected Speech





Expanding English PhonPhon Knowledge


- Pronunciations and Spelling


  • Pronuncaition and Spelling (pdf)


- Phenomena in American English


  • Phonetic Details (pdf)


- Some Differences between American (rhotic) and British (non-rhotic) Varieties


  • AmE vs. BrE (pdf)



more slides coming soon

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